Get Involved


Being a member of Stafford Players doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be an actor. Our reason for existing is of course to put on a play, but acting is only one of the immensely enjoyable contributions you can make, and all of them make an equally important contribution to the whole. No matter how much time you have –or how little – we can find you something to do.

We need actors – obviously

But we also need directors, people who want to bring a play to life – perhaps because there’s a script they have always had a burning ambition to direct, or perhaps just for the sheer love of seeing the words on a page evolve and come to life under their direction. For this of course, they will need the actors, and a whole lot more backstage support


People who know one end of a needle from another are always valued. Although this job often just needs someone with a knowledge of costume history and good organisational skills in sourcing and organising

Set design

Artistic skills needed here. The ability to conjure up, for example – a floral arch on a piece of plywood

Set building:

If you can wield a paintbrush, you can help build a set at our storage premises out at Ingestre. Thermals needed in winter (though hot drinks always available!), but idyllic on a lovely summer’s day, and a lot of fun mingles with the work. More complex DIY abilities are always at a premium and warmly welcomed.

Stage manager:

The Stage manager’s role starts at a fairly leisurely pace, and becomes more intensive as time goes on. In the weeks leading up to performance, the major task is to organise the production team and the building of the set. (DIY skills desirable but not essential). In production week, this person runs the show, organising the actors and the backstage team, and liaising with the Gatehouse technical and Front of House staff.

Front of House:

Could you organise audience facilities for us? Amongst other things, we need: a rota of programme sellers during the run; seats and hospitality arranged for special guests; and your creative side would find expression in putting together display boards for the foyer during the run.

Words and Music:

Aside from full length plays, we also run popular Words and Music programmes at venues all over Staffordshire. These are one-off entertainments after occasions like formal dinners, or afternoon meetings, or at residential homes, and are tailored to fit individual requirements. The programme title explains the format, which is a mixture of poetry, prose, dramatic excerpts etc, interspersed with musical items.They can be of any length (about an hour is usual, though a Murder Mystery entertainment may be drawn out over longer), and on any topic (chosen by us or by the organiser), and played to groups from 15 to 200. Charges are on a sliding scale to take all these variables into account!